Come up with the craziest and whackiest idea to solve tough abstract problems!

We want to create a platform for people to come together to solve the imminent problems of the future. We believe that interdisciplinary collaborations usually forge innovative solutions, bringing ideas and experiences from different fields of expertise. What the Hack at SUTD is an overnight event that brings together people of multiple disciplines and provides them with the resources to jumpstart their ideas.

Participants will be given access to advanced prototyping technologies available at the SUTD fabrication lab and provided with training to use different kinds of equipment such as 3D printers, Laser Cutters, and 3D modelling technologies.

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Individuals or teams of up to 4 whose members are over the age of 18.


There will be four main problem themes that teams can choose, but there are no restrictions on how many problem themes a single submission can target as long as you can make an argument for your idea. Problem themes are also open to interpretation; you don't have to follow the beaten track.

Submission must be a physical or digital prototype - not just a powerpoint deck.

How to enter

You may register at <Eventbrite link here>




Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How unique or interesting the idea is
  • Execution
    How well the idea has been pitched and displayed at the booth
  • Scalability
    How economically sustainable the idea is
  • Product
    The product design, how well it works and its aesthetics